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There is no law that says that when you're in debt, the only avenue to explore is a declaration of bankruptcy. Chapters 7, 11 and 13 are viable protections, depending on an individual or business's needs, but not everyone qualifies for or needs them. At the Filardi Law Offices LLC, we can explain the workout and foreclosure processes, enabling you to make informed decisions as to which strategies are right for you.

Non-bankruptcy workouts deal with loans that are in or nearing default, requiring lenders and borrowers to discuss a consensual restructuring of the loan. Foreclosure involves the rights of a secured lender with respect to the collateral.

Our law firm has 15 years of experience assisting businesspersons and homeowners. We're efficient in our dealings with all parties and effective in every phase of the process.

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A non-bankruptcy workout is exactly that: a plan agreed to voluntarily by the borrower and the lender under which the outstanding debts will be satisfied. It's an agreement entered into without the usual, sometimes complex, features of the bankruptcy process or the stigma that a the public record of a bankruptcy filing can attach to a business's reputation. Also, debt reduced or eliminated through a workout, as opposed to a bankruptcy discharge, does not affect you or your business's right to file for bankruptcy in the future.

Our firm's founder can help you decide whether a workout may be your best option to deal with you or your business’s debt, or if in fact bankruptcy is the best choice, given your unique circumstances.


We will help lay out the range of choices available to you if your lender is threatening to foreclose on your home or business property. We can discuss short sales, refinancing and forbearance agreements, among others, to determine which option is best for your situation.

Creditors can be prevented from pursuing a foreclosure or other collections efforts by the automatic stay of a bankruptcy filing. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, for instance, can provide for three to five years of "breathing room" for you, allowing you to become current on your payments over time. We will work with you or your business to determine the best course of action.

When you visit our law offices, you'll be meeting with an experienced, efficient and effective bankruptcy attorney Charles J. Filardi Jr. You'll be dealing personally with him, from start to finish. This insistence on personal individual attention to our clients' problems is a trademark of our firm.

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